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12th October, 2020
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# 408/409, Panchakshari Nagar, HUBBALLI

Bengaluru, Bharat

Do Business - Online , E-Commerce is happening


Your WEBSITE is your ID on Internet to Global Audience

A good website design plays a crucial role in enhancing a company’s online presence and overall success.

Let your Online Presence be built by expert in Website/application Development.

Kishna VK- Expert in Website Designing , Hosting and Maintenance

Serving you Since 2006

My Promise – “Website/Mobile app built with latest technologies – GO-LIVE in shortest Possible timeframe and within Budget”

Services We offer for your Business Growth

  • Website Design -Professional, Responsive using latest Technology.
  • Web Application – Custom made to suit your distributed retail network.
  • Mobile App Development – For your online business.
  • E-Commerce Website – Our work brings you business online.
  • We offer e-commerce solution on BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) – you need not hire extra specialist store manager !!!
  • Website Redesign – Half done projects or old designs needing  upgrade – we do all these.
  • Security of your online assets – SSL Certificate and related initiatives.
Send us an email, we will help you asap.
News Portals, Mobile Apps, Online Business Apps for Small and Medium Enterprises.
Feel Free to Call Us, Let us make your online venture a success.
Working hours 08:00 - 20:00

We are known for Quick Response to Customer Query

Website Design Professional , Responsive, Custom made for each customer requirements

News Portals and CMS Info Portals Professional , Responsive, Custom made using WordPress and other Content Management Systems

Mobile App Development Both Native App or Hybrid App Development

Google Cloud Services We Develop, Host and Maintain - all Mission Critical Enterprise Applications on Google Cloud

Customer Support AI-Chatbot AI-Chatbot that is grounded, Saves Support staff time and is available 24 x7

Staff Training AI-Chatbot Reduce hours required to onboard new hires, Increase quality and accuracy of work by employees

AI enabled-Chatbot for Lead Generation Integration with Google Sheet for lead management - Made with Voice flow and Make


    Dont compromise on website and go for low cost alternative - Website is your business' FACE to the world - Show your best - Well designed and maintained website can do wonders to your business- TRUST US- we are doing this since year 2006



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