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##408/409, Panchakshari Nagar | Hubballi, Karnataka Bharat 560076


12th October, 2020
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# 408/409, Panchakshari Nagar, HUBBALLI

Bengaluru, Bharat



His strengths are his planning, strategy and execution skills. The firm is involved in corporate IT applications and web site development and maintenance. His client and people management skills are amazing. They are very much appreciated by people who have worked with him. Krishna is an enthusiastic professional, committed to his work, sensible to the team environment and all the stake holders in the project. He is a great team leader as well as an individual contributor. Apart from that Krishna’s business networking skills are really good and he has special interest in managing and grooming business tie-ups. Wish you the very best Krishna in your career.

Arun Yadwad
Senior Project Manager, MindTree Ltd.

“ Thanks Krishna. Your service is impeccable! 🙂 “

RGBHue Bangalore

From the start, DOT Corps approached the relationship with us as a true partnership. As a result, the quality of their work has been outstanding. Especially given the aggressive nature of our schedule and deliverables.

Mr. Patil
KIMS HUBLI , North Karnataka

Great job. You prove to true professionals really matter to enhance the profile of customers. I am very pleased with your service. Looking forward to be associated with you in many more ways possible. [...]


I was very fortunate to work with Krishna in the early struggling days of my career. He was a great team player and a source of inspiration to the team with his positive attitude and influence to the team members. He had lots of energy, passion, and can-do attitude. I have stayed in contact with him over the years. I have seen him growing as a successful entrepreneur. He has the amazing ability to get deep into the business, analyze and come out with great output. Krishna is unique and All-in-one personality. He has identified himself in Software Development, Business Development, and People Development.

Mahesh Maradi
Solution Architect, SAP Labs


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