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12th October, 2020
www.sanketyenagi.in Goes Live.

Did You Dot Today!

We are that . (DOT) in your www.business.com, We love that much. We are eager to bring digital technology to help your Online Venture a Success.

Get Your Business Online Today Call: 9945351110

E-Commerce Solutions

We can help your business to go Online. Our e-commerce solution is scalable , can interface with other established software for Billing / CRM . Customizing is easy.

Modern Machinery

We have the latest cleaning tech

Scale, Speed, Skill 

It has to be faster, accurate and fulfill customer requirement- That’s how we work

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I would recommend this company to anyone needing great service.

– George Ianapoulous
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Reliable team

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Get the kind of clean that only comes from a team of specialists.

-Mathew Schwartz

Company info

Our Adress:

New Blumington Yale Boulevard 45/a 678 New York, Washington State

We clean in:

Brandon, Valrico, Tampa, South Tampa, Davis Island, Carrolwood, Town N’ Country, Riverview, Lithia, Bloomingdale & Mango.



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